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Fig. 1

From: FcγRIIB mediates antigen-independent inhibition on human B lymphocytes through Btk and p38 MAPK

Fig. 1

Human memory B cells, naïve B cells and PCs express FcγRIIB. a B cells were first gated by CD45+CD19+ and further gated to CD27, CD27+CD38 and CD27+CD38+ subsets for their expression levels of FcγRIIB . A representative histogram of the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of one donor is shown. b A scatter dot plot (mean ± SEM) of the expression levels of FcγRIIB of the three subpopultions of B cells from 21 donors is shown. The asterisks indicated that the comparisons are statistically significant (P < 0.01). c The FcγRIIB expression levels of memory B cells, naïve B cells and PCs for individual donors are shown

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