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Fig. 6

From: FcγRIIB mediates antigen-independent inhibition on human B lymphocytes through Btk and p38 MAPK

Fig. 6

FcγRIIB crosslinking reduces the number of PCs that result from the differentiation from CD27+ memory and from CD27 naïve B cells to a variety of stimuli. a CD27+ memory B cells or b CD27 naïve B cells were incubated without additional antibody or in the presence of an isotype matched control mAb or AT10 mAb (5 μg/ml) and either CpG (5 μg/ml) alone, CpG + IL-2 + IL-10, CpG + F (ab’)2 fragment of anti-Ig, CpG + SAC + PWM or IL-21 + sCD40L. The number of IgM- and IgG-antibody-secreting PCs was determined by ELISPOT assay. The asterisks indicate that the differences between the groups compared are statistically significant (P < 0.05)

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