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Fig. 2

From: DNA methylation regulates mouse cardiac myofibril gene expression during heart development

Fig. 2

DNA methylation of CpG islands and CpG dinucleotide regions in ssTnI gene promoter. a DNA methylation of CpG islands in ssTnI promoter. The CpG island is fully methylated in the cardiac tissues at different time points during development. b CpG dinucleotides methylation in -100 bp region away from ssTnI transcription starting site (TSS). In E14.5, E17.5 and NB, the CpG dinucleotides are unmethylated, but in P7, P14, those regions show a partial methylation. In adult, it is fully methylated. M, methylated; U, unmethylated. c The ssTnI CpG island methylation levels observed in mouse cardiac tissues during development. Methylation on ssTnI CpG islands is stably maintained in a high level during heart development. d CpG dinucleotides methylation levels observed in ssTnI promoter -100 bp. The bisulfite sequence data show that an altered DNA methylation level of CpG site in ssTnI -100 bp region during heart development. ANOVA analyses indicate a significantly different in methylation levels among various experimental groups, and *p < 0.05 indicates a statistical difference in two groups compared using t test

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