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Table 1 List of genes linked to NCL in humans

From: Using the social amoeba Dictyostelium to study the functions of proteins linked to neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

Protein Disease
PPT1/CLN1 Infantile NCL
TPP1/CLN2 Late-infantile NCL
CLN3 Juvenile NCL
DNAJC5/CLN4 Adult-onset NCL, Kufs disease, Parry disease
CLN5 Late-infantile NCL (Finnish variant)
CLN6 Variant late-infantile NCL
MFSD8/CLN7 Late-infantile NCL (Turkish variant)
CLN8 Northern epilepsy (epilespy, progressive with mental retardation, EPMR)
CTSD/CLN10 Congenital, neonatal and late infantile NCL
PGRN/CLN11 Adult-onset NCL, frontotemporal dementia in heterozygotes
ATP13A2/CLN12 Juvenile-onset NCL
CTSF/CLN13 Adult-onset NCL
KCTD7/CLN14 Infantile NCL