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Fig. 2

From: Neuroblastoma treatment in the post-genomic era

Fig. 2

Flow chart of Omics data integration for personalised treatment. At the top of the figure, schematic presentation of Omics data processing, the assortment and analyses is shown. Once collected, omic technologies data obtained by studying tumor material or CTC from blood, have to be integrated to allow the extraction and selection of the druggable single target or molecular pathways. This step proceeds by the screening of the most reliable drug or drug combination that would assure optimal chances for tumour defeating. Some of the compounds are listed in the figure: MYCN, ALK, AURORA A, TrkB. In the lower part of the figure is shown the liquid biopsy as a procedure to use at the follow-up in order to understand how disease behaves due to treatment. In the case of neuroblastoma, integration of liquid biopsy for the follow-up of molecular biomarkers during therapy might be a winning strategy for early detection of possible drug resistance that could allow clinicians to change current therapeutic strategy

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