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Fig. 3

From: Tailored design of NKT-stimulatory glycolipids for polarization of immune responses

Fig. 3

MDSC accumulation induced by α-GalCer is iNKT cell-dependent. BALB/c and Jα18−/− mice (n = 3 per group) were intravenously injected with α-GalCer (2 μg/mouse) or vehicle (1% DMSO). Three days after administration, MDSCs (CD11b + Gr1+) were determined by FACS analysis. a Representative dot plots of MDSCs in the presence/absence of α-GalCer in wild type and Jα18−/− mice were shown. b The percentage and total number of MDSCs in splenocyte from each mouse of indicated group are presented and shown as mean ± SD. ***, p < 0.01 as compared with vehicle

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