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Table 1 Patient characteristics of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) samples

From: V-J combinations of T-cell receptor predict responses to erythropoietin in end-stage renal disease patients

Sample Conditiona Genderb Age (yr) Comorbiditiesc
R1 Responder M 65 DM + HTN + CAD
R2 Responder F 43 CGN
R3 Responder F 66 HTN + CGN
R4 Responder M 62 DM + HTN
NR1 Non-responder (resistant) M 63 DM + HTN
NR2 Non-responder (resistant) F 46 CGN
NR3 Non-responder (resistant) F 61 HTN + CGN
  1. aESRD patients’ erythropoietin (EPO) responsiveness. bM, male; F, female. cDiagnosed comorbidities: DM diabetes mellitus, HTN hypertension, CAD coronary artery disease, CGN chronic glomerulonephritis