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Fig. 2

From: The cytotoxic mechanism of epigallocatechin gallate on proliferative HaCaT keratinocytes

Fig. 2

Different effects of EGCG on proteins in the two phenotypes of HaCaT cells. HaCaT cells were treated with indicated concentrations of EGCG in either calcium-free DMEM (proliferation phase) or 1.8 mM calcium (differentiation phase) for 24 h. Cell lysates were subjected to western blotting analysis and antibodies against cleaved PARP, γH2A.x, H3P, PCNA, and LC3B, with ACTN as a control. Lanes 1 to 6 are for the differentiation phase cells, and lanes 7 to 12 are for the proliferation phase cells. We then added the numerical data below each band to indicate the relative intensity of the protein in the presence of the respective concentration of EGCG, compared with lane 1 as control

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