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Fig. 5

From: Rosmarinic acid induces rabbit articular chondrocyte differentiation by decreases matrix metalloproteinase-13 and inflammation by upregulating cyclooxygenase-2 expression

Fig. 5

Ros. A activates the ERK-1/−2 and p38 pathway in rabbit articular chondrocytes. Cells were treated with 75 μg/mL rosmarinic acid (Ros. A) for the indicated times or with various concentration of Ros. A for 24 h. a and b ERK-1/−2, p38, and actin levels were evaluated by western blotting. Actin was used as a loading control (upper panel). The relative amounts of pERK and pp38 were quantified by densitometry measurements (Image J) (lower panel). The results represent three independent experiments. Values shown are the means ± SD; *p < 0.05 vs. control cells

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