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Fig. 1

From: Regulatory T cells induced by B cells: a novel subpopulation of regulatory T cells

Fig. 1

Treg-of-B cells differ from well-known regulatory T cells and T helper cells. With regard to transcription factors, Treg-of-B cells do not express Foxp3, ROR-γt, T-bet, or BCL-6. Repeated stimulation increased the expression of c-Maf in long-term Treg-of-B cells. Treg-of-B cells produce a higher amount of IL-10 and TGF-β and lower amounts of IL-17 and IFN-γ. Several Treg-associated molecules have been described in Treg-of-B cells, including LAG3, PD1, ICOS, CTLA4, and GITR. Long-term cultured Treg-of-B cells express CD49b but do not express CD226 as Tr1 cells. Treg-of-B cells do not express ROR-γt as Th17 cells do, do not express T-bet as Th1 cells do, do not express CXCR5 or BCL-6 as TFH cells do, and do not express LAP as Th3 cells do. These indicate Treg-of-B cell is a new type of CD4+ regulatory T cells

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