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Fig. 3

From: In silico design of a Zika virus non-structural protein 5 aiming vaccine protection against zika and dengue in different human populations

Fig. 3

Distribution of class I HLA predicted epitopes along the ZIKV NS5 consensus 3D model. Epitopes found to be 100% conserved among ZIKV lineages and DENV serotypes were shown to be homogeneously distributed along the protein structure. Three regions containing epitopes specific for HLA-A presentation were found (a). One of them is located at the MTase domain and contains only one epitope (Region 1, epitope LSRNSTHEMY) (b). Two other regions (2 and 3) which contain together six epitopes are located at the RdRp domain (c). Two epitopes are located in region 2 (Region 2, epitopes CVYNMMGKR and CVYNMMGKREK) and four in region 3 (Region 3, epitopes AIWYMWLGAR, WYMWLGAR, RAIWYMWLGAR and IWYMWLGAR). One region containing only one epitope specific for HLA-B presentation is located at the RdRp domain (Region 1, epitope LEFEALGF) (d). Five regions containing epitopes specific for HLA-C presentation were found (e). Two of them are located at the MTase domain. Region 1 contains three epitopes (Region 1, epitopes SRNSTHEM, SRNSTHEMY and SRNSTHEMYW) and region 2 contains one epitope (Region 2, epitope GRGGWSYY) (f). Three other regions are located at the RdRp domain: region 3 contains three epitopes (Region 3, epitopes RAIWYMWL, WYMWLGAR and SRAIWYMWL), region 4 contains one epitope (Region 4, epitope LEFEALGF) and region 5 contains four epitopes (Region 5, epitopes YADDTAGWDT, YADDTAGWDTR, YADDTAGWD and ADDTAGWD) (g)

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