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Table 3 Frequency of four different haplotypes, named M1 to M4 investigated in this study

From: Haplotypes inside the beta-globin gene: use as new biomarkers for beta-thalassemia prenatal diagnosis in north of Iran

Haplotype Codon 2 IVS2–16 IVS2–74 IVS2–81 IVS2–666 Frequency (%) Frameworka
M1 C C G C T 63.91 Framework 1
M2 C C T C T 16.75 Framework 2
M3 T G T T C 11.74 Framework 3
M4 T G T C C 7.6 Framework 3a
  1. aThese haplotypes was reported from the same area in Iran and were defined as frameworks by Niaki and colleagues earlier [13]