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Table 2 NPC cell line classification results

From: Molecular subtyping of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and a microRNA-based prognostic model for distant metastasis

Cell line name Cell line description Subtype
C666 Undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma Classical
HK1 Well differentiated squamous carcinoma Classical
HK1LMP1 HK1 with LMP1 transfected Classical
HK1LMP1CisR HK1-LMP1 with cisplatin resistance Classical
HONE1EBVCisR Poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma Classical
NP69 Immortalized nasopharyngeal-derived epithelial cells Classical
C17 EBV-positive metastatic NPC Mesenchymal
CNE2 Poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma Mesenchymal
HNE1 Poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma Mesenchymal
HONE1 HONE1 with EBV infected Mesenchymal
HONE1EBV HONE-1-EBV with cisplatin resistance Mesenchymal
NP460 Immortalized nasopharyngeal-derived epithelial cells Immunogenic