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Table 1 Mitochondrial transfer from Different Tissue Specific MSCs to Recipient Cells of Different Origins

From: Regenerative abilities of mesenchymal stem cells through mitochondrial transfer

S. No MSCs Type Recipient Cell Mode of Transfer Action References
1 BM-MSCs A549 Cell Line Cellular Contact and Cytoplasmic Projections Restored Aerobic Respiration [8]
2 BM-MSCs Pulmonary Alveoli in mouse lungs Connexin43 alveolar attachment and microvesicles Protection against acute lung injury [15]
3 BM-MSCs and iPSCs Airway epithelial cells Tunnel Tubes Rescue cigarettesmoke induced damage [20]
4 BM-MSCs Bronchial Epithelial Cells Tunnel Tubes and Miro1 Rescue Bronchial Epithelial Injury [21]
5 BM-MSCs H9c2 cardiomyocyte cell line Tunnel Tubes Rescue cardiomyocytes in ischemia model [22]
6 BM-MSCs Cardiomyocytes Tunnel Tubes Repair damaged cardiomyocytes in failed myocardium [23]
7 BM-MSCs Cardiomyoblasts Cell-Cell Connection and Tubular Connections Rescue Cells from Ischemic Damage [24]
8 BM-MSCs Kidney Tubular Epithelial cells Microvesicles Recovery from acute kidney injury [25]
9 BM-MSCs Rat Cortical Neuronal Cells Tunnel Tubes and Miro1 Neuroprotective [26]
10 BM-MSCs Macrophages Tunnel Tubes Anti-Bacterial Activity [27]
11 BM-MSCs Macrophages Extracellular Vesicles Regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and Mitophagy [28]
12 BM-MSCs Acute myeloid leukemic cells Cell-Cell Contact Survival of Myeloid Cells [18]
13 BM-MSCs MDA-MB231 breast carcinoma cell line Isolated mitochondria Enhanced OXPHOS activity [29]
14 iPSCs-MSCs Corneal Epithelial Cells Tunnel Tubes Protection of corneal epithelial cells against alkali burn [16]
15 AD- MSCs Cardiomyocytes Cell Fusion Reprogram adult cardiac cells towards progenitor like state [30]
16 WJ-MSCs Cells devoid of mitochondria Osteosarcoma cells Tunnel Tubes Mitochondria function was rescued [19]