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Table 1 Various TLR polymorphisms studied in SLE and LN patients

From: Toll-like receptors in lupus nephritis

TLR Allele Ethnicity/year of study Association
TLR2 rs1816702,rs4235232 multiethnic group,2014 positive [149]
R753Q South Indians,2015 positive [150]
TLR3 rs3775296-T Taiwanese,2014 positive [26]
rs3775291 Danish,2014 positive [151]
rs3775291 Meta analysis, 2016 No association [60]
TLR4 D299G,T399I Meta analysis 2016 positive [152]
rs4986790,rs4986791 Meta analysis, 2016 No association [60]
D299G,T399I South Indian cohort,2015 positive [16]
1196 C/T Polish population,2013 Negative [153]
TLR5 rs5744168 Americana,2017 No association [19]
rs5744168 Zhuang and Han ethnics,2015 No association [154]
TLR7 PTPN22 Variant R620W Americana,2015 positive [155]
rs3853839 Danish,2014 positive [156]
s3853839-G,rs3853839,rs179010-T Taiwanese,2014 positive [26]
rs3853839 Mutliethnic group,2013 positive [157]
TLR8 rs3764880-G,rs3764880 Taiwanese,2014 positive [26]
rs3764879 Danish,2014 positive [156]
rs37648 Danish,2014 positive [151]
TLR9 rs352143 Danish,2014 positive [151]
rs352140 Americana,2017 positive [19]
rs352140 Zhuang and Han ethnics,2015 positive [154]
PTPN22 rs2476601 Meta analysis,2017 positive [158]
rs187084 South Indians,2017 positive [159]
rs352139 Egyptian,2016 positive [160]
-1237C/T South Indians,2015 positive [150]
T-1237C and T-1486C Meta analysis,2013 negative [161]
rs352140, rs5743836,rs352139 Meta analysis, 2016 negative [60]
  1. aethnicity was not clear; study information was restricted for the last five years