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Fig. 8

From: Differential regulation of nimodipine-sensitive and -insensitive Ca2+ influx by the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger and mitochondria in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons

Fig. 8

Effects of CaV2 channel blockers on nimodipine-insensitive Ca2+ transients. a A representative experiment showing the effect of FCCP on nimodipine-insensitive Ca2+ transients (an average of 11 cells). b Two representative experiments showing the effects of CaV2 channel blockers, applied additively in order of 0.2 μM SNX-482, 0.2 μM ω-agatoxin IVA, and 2 μM ω-conotoxin GVIA, on the nimodipine-insensitive Ca2+ transients in the absence (dark grey trace) and presence (black trace) of FCCP. c Summary of experiments showing the amplitude of nimodipine-insensitive Ca2+ transients reduced by each drug and the amplitude of Ca2+ transients resistant to the blocker cocktail in the absence (dark grey bars) and presence (black bars) of FCCP. Note that FCCP induced a 3- to 4-hold increase (indicated by the number on top of black bars) in the Ca2+ transient sensitive to ω-agatoxin IVA or ω-conotoxin GVIA or resistant to the cocktail of blockers. *** P < 0.001

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