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Fig. 3

From: Perinatal Pb2+ exposure alters the expression of genes related to the neurodevelopmental GABA-shift in postnatal rats

Fig. 3

Illustrates the PFC (a-d) and HP (e-h) neurodevelopmental expression of GAD early 80 and 86 (left panel), and late, 65 and 67 (right panel) mRNA between Control and Pb2+ exposed rats. Perinatal Pb2+ exposure disrupts early immature GABA by upregulating GAD 80 and 86 at PND 2 and 14 in the PFC, whereas GAD 80 was down regulated at PND 2 and upregulated at PND 14 in the HP. GAD 86 was upregulated at PND 2 and 14 in the HP. Pb2+ exposure resulted in altered mature GABA by upregulating GAD 65 at PND 7 and down regulating it at PND 22 in the PFC. Pb2+ exposure also caused a down regulation of GAD 67 in both the PFC and the HP at PND 22. GAD 65 was also down regulated at PND 2 and 7 in the HP. Data are presented as ± SEM and Tukey’s post hoc analyses are denoted as a significant difference in Control rats (p < 0.05*, p < 0.01**, p < 0.001***) as a function of Age, and denoted as a significant difference between Pb2+ vs. Control (p < 0.05#, p < 0.01##, p < 0.001###) as a function of Age and an Age X Treatment for each developmental time-point (p < 0.05, p < 0.01‡‡, p < 0.001‡‡‡)

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