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Table 1 Summary of residues involved in WNT1 docking interactions (Wild & Mutant)

From: Novel mutation G324C in WNT1 mapped in a large Pakistani family with severe recessively inherited Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Receptor/Ligand Hydrogen Bond Interactions Hydrophobic Bond Interactions
Ligand Residues Receptor Residues Ligand Residues Receptor Residues
Wild WNT1-Axin 1 Val383, Glu391, Arg395, Val399, Gln400 Arg98, Cys218, Arg344, Cys347, Cys352 Glu384, Pro385, Phe388, Ala389, Leu392, Leu396, Arg401 Arg215, Gln216, Glu217, Arg235, Thr238, Arg240, Asp244, Arg247, Pro320, Thr348, Phe349, His350, Val355
Mutated WNT1-Axin 1 Gln386, Phe388, Glu390, Leu396, Glu397, Gln400 Lys51, Trp95, Arg98, Arg337, Glu368 Val383, Glu391, Leu392, Val399 Asn29, Ser50, Arg91, Lys94, Gly312, Arg335