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Table 1 Main characteristics of white, brown, and beige adipocytes

From: A new approach to study the sex differences in adipose tissue

  WHITE ADIPOSE TISSUE Beige adipose tissue brown adipose tissue
origin - Myf5-negative cells - Myf5-negative cells
- White adipose tissue
- Sca-1+ progenitor cells
- Smooth muscle cells progenitors
- PDGFRα+ cells
- Mainly Myf5-positive cells
LIPID DROPLET Unilocular Multilocular Multilocular
NUCLEUS Periferic Middle Middle
MITOCHONDRIA Low Low to High High
function Lipid/Energy storage Thermogenesis
(dependent on the stimuli)
Thermogenesis and Autocrine,
Endocrine roles
human localization Subcutaneous, intraabdominal Cervical, parasternal, supraclavicular, para- and prevertebral Interscapulum, supraclavicular, cervical, parasternal, para- and prevertebral, omental, axillary, kidneys
rodents localization Inguinal subcutaneous, epididymal,
Intraabdominal, epicardium
Subcutaneous axillar and inguinal,
Interscapulum, perivascular
cardiovascular disease Positive related Negative related Negative related