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Fig. 7

From: SOX17 overexpression sensitizes chemoradiation response in esophageal cancer by transcriptional down-regulation of DNA repair and damage response genes

Fig. 7

Overexpression of SOX17 reduces tumor growth of xenograft derived from radiation resistant ESCC cell line to CCRT treatment. a SOX17 overexpression sensitized tumor xenograft derived from KYSE510 radio-resistant cells (K510-R-SOX17) to CCRT treatment compared with K510-R-EV in ESCC xenograft model. K510-R-EV or K510-R-SOX17 cells were subcutaneously injected into BLAB/c nude mice and treated with CCRT (2 Gy radiation + 2 mg/kg cisplatin as described in text). Mice were observed for tumor volume and sacrificed after 35 days. b Xenograft images are shown. c SOX17 effectively promoted K510-R cells to reduce tumor weight upon CCRT treatment compared with K510-EV in BLAB/c nude mice (n = 5 mice per group)

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