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Fig. 4

From: Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger is involved in the formation of deep layer cortical neurons

Fig. 4

Cell proliferation change at early stage of neurogenesis in Plzflu/lu mice brain. a, Representative flow cytometric data showing the cell cycle distribution. X-axis is the intensity of propidium iodide, and Y-axis is the cell numbers. b, Quantification of proportions of cells in each phase of the cell cycle. Plzfwt/wt, n = 4; Plzflu/lu, n = 3. c and d, E10.5 (c) and E12.5 (d) brain sections were immunstained by anti-PHH3 antibodies. The PHH3+ cells were calculated in the rostral (b) and caudal (a) regions, respectively. The white dashed lines represent the apical and basal borders of cerebral cortex. Quantification of the PHH3+ cell numbers in the region shown in the lower panels. n = 4 embryos per genotype at E10.5; n = 3 embryos per genotype at E12.5. Statistics were performed with Student’s t test. Values represent the mean ± SEM. E, embryonic day; Plzfwt/wt, wild-type; Plzflu/lu, homozygous luxoid mice; tv, third ventricle; Scale bar 20 μm

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