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Fig. 1

From: The role of ubiquitin-specific peptidases in cancer progression

Fig. 1

The USP family of proteins contain conserved and nonconserved catalytic regions. a Conservation score of the USP residue. The structure of USP7 (PDB ID: 5N9R) is used as a reference. Regions are shaded in blue, indicating nonconserved, or red, indicating conserved. The insert shows USP7 catalytic site residues and cocrystal ligand (yellow) as a stick model. The sequence pattern for the USP protein family is shown, with the USP7 sequence as a reference. Sites are highlighted as shown. The green line denotes the hydrogen bond. b Sequence alignment of Site 1 (green) and Site 2 (yellow). The sequence pattern figure was produced using the weblogo3 server (

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