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Table 2 CircRNAs that function as protein decoys

From: The emerging roles and functions of circular RNAs and their generation

CircRNA Biological functions Interacting protein Cell type Ref
circFOXO3 Inhibits cell cycle progression
Cardiac senescence
Induces apoptosis
P21, CDK2
ID-1, E2F1, FAK, HIF1α
MDM2, P53
Non-cancer cells
Heart tissue
Non-cancer cells
[96, 97, 129]
circANRIL rRNA maturation PES1 Vascular tissue [81]
circHECTD1 Macrophage activation ZC3H12A Macrophage [76]
circDNMT1 Promotes proliferation P53, AUF1 Breast cancer cells [98]
circSMARCA5 Tumor suppressor SRSF1 Glioblastoma [99]
circMTO1 Inhibits proliferation TRAF4 Breast cancer cells [100]
circAMOTL1 Promotes cell survival PDK1, AKT1 Cardiomyocytes [101]
circPABPN1 Suppresses PABPN1 translation HuR HeLa [24]