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Table 1 Overview of all parameters derived in one cardiovascular assessment session with the three techniques

From: Development of a biophysical screening model for gestational hypertensive diseases

  ECG-Doppler ICG Bio-impedance
Heart   Heart Rate (HR)
Stroke Volume (SV)
Cardiac Output (CO)
Pre-ejection Period (PEP)
Left Ventricular Ejection Time (LVET)
Arteries Left + Right Arterial Pulse Transit (APT)
Left + Right Pulsatility Index (PI)
Left + Right Resistivity Index (RI)
Velocity Index (VI)
Acceleration Index (ACI)
Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR)
Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP)
Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
Veins Hepatic Venous Pulse Transit (VPT)
Left and Right Renal VPT
Hepatic Vein Index (HVI)
Renal Interlobal Vein Index (RIVI)
Fluid    Total Body Water (TBW)
Extracellular Water (ECW)
Intracellular Water (ICW)
  1. ECG electrocardiogram, ICG impedance cardiography