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Fig. 4

From: Raloxifene inhibits adipose tissue inflammation and adipogenesis through Wnt regulation in ovariectomized rats and 3 T3-L1 cells

Fig. 4

Effects of long-term treatment with raloxifene on hypoxia and inflammatory responses in the retroperitoneal white adipose tissue in ovariectomized rats. Expression levels of (a) HIF-1α, (b) VEGF-A, (c) MCP-1, (d) TNF-α, (e) NF-κB p65, and (f) p-JNK in retroperitoneal white adipose tissue. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM. *P < 0.05 versus Sham; # P < 0.05 versus OVX; ϕP < 0.05 versus OVX + E2; +P < 0.05 versus OVX + CMC; ϕP < 0.05 versus OVX + E2, n = 8–10. OVX: ovariectomy; RAL: raloxifene (1 mg/kg/day, gavage); E2 (50 μg/kg, s.c.); CMC: carboxymethylcellulose (1 ml/kg/day, gavage)

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