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Table 1 miRNAs in B cell malignancy and autoimmune diseases

From: Regulatory mechanisms of B cell responses and the implication in B cell-related diseases

miRNA Biological function Target genes Disease type References
miR-155 Promote TNFα-dependent proliferation SHIP1 DCBCL [60]
miR-155 Promote proliferation and inhibits apoptosis PI3K/AKT pathway DCBCL [61]
miR-101 Inhibit proliferation and facilitate apoptosis MEK1 DCBCL [65]
miR-125b Inhibit apoptosis p53 MM [74, 75]
miR-19b/20a Promote proliferation, migration, and inhibit apoptosis PTEN MM [78]
miR-34a Regulate cell cycle progression, cellular senescence and apoptosis SIRT1 MM [77]
miR-34a Reduce tumor growth Foxp1 DLBCL [49]
miR-9 Inhibit apoptosis TRIM56/NF-κB pathway MM [79]
miR-7 Promote B cell hyperresponsiveness PTEN SLE [83]
miR-17-5p Inhibit IFN-inducible gene c-MYC, and E2F1 SLE [84]