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Table 2 Epigenetic controls in B cell malignancy and autoimmune diseases

From: Regulatory mechanisms of B cell responses and the implication in B cell-related diseases

Histone Modifier Biological function Target genes
(direct or indirect)
Disease type References
EZH2 Promote growth CDKN1A DCBCL [120]
EZH2 Retrain plasma cell differentiation PRDM1 and IRF4 Non-Hodgkin lymphomas [103]
KDM4A Promote B cell activation and differentiation WDR5 SLE [99]
KDM4C Promote B cell activation and differentiation WDR5 SLE [99]
LSD1 Promote differentiation Blimp-1 targets, such as CIITA and c-MYC MM [117]
MMSET Promote growth c-MYC MM [135]
KDM6A Promote oncogenesis BCL-6, IRF4 and c-MYC MM [140]
KDM3A Promote homing of MM cells KLF2, and IRF4 MM [141]
WDR5 Inhibit proliferation CDKN2, and CDKN3 SLE [99]
CREBBP Regulate GC reaction and proliferation BCL-6 targets, such as BCL-2 and PRDM1 FL and DCBCL [128]
KMT2D Repress lymphoma development Genes in CD40, JAK-STAT, TLR and BCR pathways FL and DCBCL [123]
DNMT1 Promote BCR signaling CD5, and CD5-E1B SLE [146]