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Fig. 2

From: MFG-E8 mediates arterial aging by promoting the proinflammatory phenotype of vascular smooth muscle cells

Fig. 2

Exogenous treatment with MFG-E8 exacerbates leukocyte infiltration into ligated CCAs of aged mice. Sections of left CCA, 21 days after ligation, were stained with antibodies against the common leukocyte marker CD45. Representative IHC images of CD45 in the intima and media of young ligated CCAs (a), aged ligated CCAs (b), and aged ligated CCAs treated with rMFG-E8 (2 μg/mL) (c). Arrowheads indicate CD45+ cells. Lumens (L) of the ligated vessels are displayed; bar, 50 μm. d The percentages of CD45+ area in the intima and media were analyzed (young ligated: n = 3; aged ligated: n = 8; aged ligated + MFG-E8: n = 8). Data are presented in terms of the mean ± SEM. *P < 0.05; one-way analysis of variance followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison test

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