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Fig. 1

From: MAP4K3/GLK in autoimmune disease, cancer and aging

Fig. 1

The structural domains of human MAP4K3 (GLK) and human MAP4K1 (HPK1). MAP4K family kinases such as MAP4K3 (GLK) and MAP4K1 (HPK1) are composed of a kinase domain (KD), proline-rich motifs in the middle region, and a citron-homology (CNH) domain. The autophosphorylation sites of GLK and HPK1 are phospho-Ser-170 residue and phospho-Ser-171 residue, respectively. Four pervanadate-induced tyrosine phosphorylation residues on GLK proteins and the known phosphorylation residues on HPK1 proteins are also indicated. The caspase-3 cleavage site on HPK1 and a putative caspase cleavage site on GLK are indicated

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