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Table 3 Clinical trials of M2-based vaccines

From: M2e-based universal influenza vaccines: a historical overview and new approaches to development

Company (country) Phase Year identifier Available results
VaxInnate (USA) I 2007–2008 NCT00603811 No
Sanofi (France) I 2007–2009 NCT00819013 Yes
VaxInnate (USA) I 2009 NCT00921206 Yes [123]
VaxInnate (USA) II 2009–2011 NCT00921947 Yes
VaxInnate (USA) I/ II 2009–2010 NCT00921973 Yes [117]
Imutex Limited (United Kingdom) I 2010 NCT01181336 No
GeneOne Life Science (Republic of Korea) I 2010–2012 NCT01184976 No
Theraclone Sciences (USA) I 2012 NCT01390025 Yes [99]
II 2012 NCT01719874
VA Pharma LLC (Russian Federation) I 2018 NCT03789539 No