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Fig. 2

From: DBP rs16846876 and rs12512631 polymorphisms are associated with progression to AIDS naïve HIV-infected patients: a retrospective study

Fig. 2

Genetic association of DBP polymorphisms with AIDS progression in HIV-infected patients. Statistics: P-values were calculated by unadjusted Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) with a binomial distribution (logit-link). (*), raw p-values; (**), p-values corrected for multiple testing using the false discovery rate (FDR) with Benjamini and Hochberg procedure (n = 6 inheritance models, multiple comparisons). Abbreviations: DBP, vitamin D binding protein; LTNPs, Long Term Non Progressors; MPs, Moderate Progressor; RPs, Rapid Progressor; Codominant 1, codominant 1 refers to heterozygous genotype vs more frequent homozygous (genotype 1); Codominant 2, codominant 2 refers to less frequent homozygote (genotype 2) vs more frequent homozygote (genotype 1)

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