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Fig. 6

From: Host immune response to anti-cancer camptothecin conjugated cyclodextrin-based polymers

Fig. 6

IT-101 induced activation of NK cells, which facilitates other immune cells to attack tumors. First immunization with IT-101 (CPT conjugated with CD-PEG) modulated the populations of neutrophil (Neu) and immature dendritic cells (iDC). Boosting with IT-101 induced affected NK cells to secrete IFNγ and TNFα. IFNγ promotes Th and Tc cell activation, and TNFα induces dendritic cell (DC) migration. Both NK and Tc cells generate and secrete perforin and granzyme to weaken and destroy tumor cells. Black lines indicate the results we suggested in this study. Gray lines indicate the results we predicted based on our results

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