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Fig. 3

From: Hypoxia and therapeutic treatment of EV-A71 with an immune modulator TLR7 agonist in a new immunocompetent mouse model

Fig. 3

White-jaded spleen and muscle in another NOD/SCID mouse model. One-week-old NOD/SCID mice were i.p. infected with EV-A71, and scarified after disease manifestation. a Upper panel: An atrophic and discolored spleen was identified in EV-A71-infected mice. Viral protein (VP1) and HIF1A were both expressed in the infected spleen. Lower panel: A saline control showed a normal-sized spleen with no VP1 and less expression of HIF1A. b Both HIF1A and VEGFA were strongly expressed in the whitened muscles infected with EV-A71, but not detectable in the saline control

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