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Fig. 1

From: Structural basis of polyethylene glycol recognition by antibody

Fig. 1

Crystal structures of Fab-PEG complex. The protein parts are shown as ribbons diagrams with different colors distinguishing the different chains in the crystal structures. a One asymmetric unit of the 3.3-Fab/PEG crystal contains four molecules of Fab. b A dimeric 3.3-Fab/PEG complex that comprises the protein chains H/L and I/M is rotated by about 90° from (a) and viewed sideways from the pseudo-dyad with the bound PEG on the top. c, d The asymmetric units of the 2B5-Fab/PEG/CR and 32D6-Fab/PEG complex crystals are shown in a similar orientation as in (b). Ligands including PEG, crown ether, and sulfate are shown as stick models

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