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Fig. 2

From: Structural basis of polyethylene glycol recognition by antibody

Fig. 2

Fab dimer formation and PEG binding. a The two dimers of 3.3 Fab, colored in green and cyan, are superimposed on that of 2B5 Fab, in magenta, and all are shown as Cα-tracing diagrams. On top of the Fab dimers, the core fragment of PEG from the 2B5 Fab complex crystal is depicted as a yellow stick model, which is centered at the dyad axis. Locations of the VH, CH1, VL and CL domains in the Fab dimer are also indicated. b The bound PEG molecules are shown as stick models and colored according to their associated Fab dimers. The view is along the dyad axis of the Fab dimer, approximately from the top of (a). The core PEG fragment superimposes better than the satellite fragments. c The two molecules of 2B5 Fab are rendered with a translucent gray surface. The view is slightly tilted to show the topology of the PEG-binding regions

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