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Fig. 13

From: Synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccines: challenges and opportunities

Fig. 13

Fully synthetic vaccines. (a) Pam3Cys conjugated Tn; (b) Th epitope PV conjugated Tn glycopeptides; (c) Th epitope PADRE conjugated Tn and Tf-MUC1 glycopeptides; (d) Th epitope PV conjugated with RAFT cyclic peptide and tetravalent of Tn; (e) T cell epitope OVA conjugated STn-MUC1 glycopeptide; (f) Pam3CysSK4 conjugated Tn, Tf or STf-MUC1 glycopeptides; (g) PSA1 conjugated STn; (h) MPLA conjugated Globo H, STn or GM3

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