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Fig. 8

From: Circular RNA circ_0003204 inhibits proliferation, migration and tube formation of endothelial cell in atherosclerosis via miR-370-3p/TGFβR2/phosph-SMAD3 axis

Fig. 8

Schematic illustration of the molecular mechanism of circ_0003204 underlying HAEC injury in atherosclerosis. Circ_0003204 regulated the miR-370/TGFβR2/phosph-SMAD3 axis by sponging miR-370 in HAECs. Increased expression of circ_0003204 in ox-LDL-treated HAECs inhibited miR-370 expression, which upregulated TGFβR2 and phosph-SMAD3 expression, thereby blocking the proliferation, migration and capillary formation of HAECs

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