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Table 2 Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with asthma and healthy controls

From: Antibody blockade of Dectin-2 suppresses house dust mite-induced Th2 cytokine production in dendritic cell- and monocyte-depleted peripheral blood mononuclear cell co-cultures from asthma patients

DeterminantsNormal rangePatients with asthmaHealthy controls
Number 124
Age in years, mean (SD)50.1 (11.4)54.3 (8.8)
Sex, male, n (%)7 (58.3)2 (50.0)
Disease duration in years, medium (range)20.0 (0.5–59)
Laboratory profiles
 Total eosinophil count (/μL), mean (SD)<450.0340.0 (236.6)124.8 (42.6)
 Total IgE (kU/L), mean (SD)<200.0574.3 (1126.1)15.5 (16.5)
 Specific anti-D. pteronyssinus IgE (kU/L), mean (SD)<0.511.1 (11.1)0.09 (0.08)
Pulmonary function test
 % of predicted FEV1, mean (SD)>80.081.1 (14.9)
 % of predicted FEV1/FVC, mean (SD)>70.069.7 (9.5)
Anti-asthma drugs
 Bronchodilator, n (%) 12 (100.0)
 Leukotriene antagonist, n (%) 2 (16.7)
 Corticosteroid, n (%) 4 (33.3)
 Asthma Control Test score, mean (range)a 18.3 (12–24)
  1. Abbreviation: FEV1 Forced expiratory volume in 1 s, FVC Forced vital capacity, SD Standard deviation
  2. aAsthma control test score ranges from 5 to 25, with higher scores reflecting greater asthma control