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Fig. 1

From: Co-introduction of plasmids harbouring the carbapenemase genes, blaNDM-1 and blaOXA-232, increases fitness and virulence of bacterial host

Fig. 1

Fitness cost. Competitive fitness of the three transconjugants. A CI value less than 1 indicates a fitness defect, and a value greater than 1 indicates a fitness benefit. While the two transconjugants with a single plasmid (DH5α::pM5_NDM and DH5α::pM5_OXA) showed a fitness defect, a transconjugant with both the plasmids (DH5α::pM5_NDM + pM5_OXA) exhibited a marked fitness advantage. The differences were assessed using the two tailed Student’s t-test. ***, P < 0.0001

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