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Fig. 10

From: 7-oxo-DHEA enhances impaired M. tuberculosis-specific T cell responses during HIV-TB coinfection

Fig. 10

Comparative CD4 + T cell response from HD and HIV-TB cohorts to Mtb. Recently thawed or freshly isolated PBMCs from HD and HIV-TB individuals were stimulated with an antigen of Mtb, stained and analyzed by flow cytometry, as indicated in methods. The results are plotted for HIV-TB (black circles) patients and HD (open circles). Each symbol represents an individual subject. The figure shows the percentage of CD4 + T cells that express (a) FoxP3, T-bet, ROR-γt or CD25 and (b) the co-expression of transcription factors using a Boolean gating strategy. (c) Tregs (CD4 + CD25 + FoxP3+) and uTregs (CD4 + CD25-FoxP3+) subsets and the co-expression of ROR-γt or T-bet within each subpopulation were analyzed. Values are relativized to unstimulated cells. Error bars show mean ± SEM. Unpaired t test or Mann-Whitney U test, as appropriated *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01

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