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Fig. 3

From: 7-oxo-DHEA enhances impaired M. tuberculosis-specific T cell responses during HIV-TB coinfection

Fig. 3

Ratios of in vitro Mtb-specific cytokine production are modified by 7-OD and DHEA. PBMCs from HIV-TB individuals (black circles) and HD (open circles) were stimulated with gamma-irradiated Mtb in the presence/absence of hormones, as specified in methods. The Y axis indicates cytokine production ratio in response to Mtb and its modulation by (a) 7-OD or (b) DHEA, both at 1 × 10−6M. Each symbol represents an individual subject. The statistical analysis was performed using absolute values. Paired t test or Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test, as appropriated *p < 0.05

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