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Fig. 4

From: The role of the bacterial protease Prc in the uropathogenesis of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli

Fig. 4

The expression of the flagellar regulon in the wild-type, prc mutant, and complemented strains of ExPEC. The transcript levels of the class 1 gene flhD, class 2 genes (fliA, flgE, flhA, fliF, fliM, fliE, fliT and flgM) and class 3 genes (fliC, motA, and tar) were determined by qPCR. The transcript levels of the genes in each strain, which were normalized to those of the housekeeping gene ftsZ, are presented as the relative levels compared to those in WT-RS218/pCL1920. The results were derived from experiments performed in triplicate and are shown as the means ± standard deviations. pCL1920, the empty plasmid vector; pPrc, the plasmid pCL1920 harboring prc (Table 1). The asterisks indicate significant differences (P values < 0.05) of the comparisons between WT-RS218/pCL1920 and Δprc-RS218/pCL1920 as well as between Δprc-RS218/pCL1920 and Δprc-RS218/pPrc

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