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Fig. 4

From: Translation control of Enterovirus A71 gene expression

Fig. 4

The regulatory roles of Hsp27, Hsc70, and DDX3 in EV-A71 translation. EV-A71 infection upregulates Hsp27 protein expression. Hsp27 can activate EV-A71 2Apro to cleave eIF4G, leading to inhibition of cap-dependent translation. Hsc70 also activates EV-A71 2Apro protein to cleave eIF4G and thus represses cap-dependent translation of host mRNAs. DDX3 interacts with the C-terminal cleavage fragment of eIF4G and binds to the domain VI of EV-A71 IRES. DDX3 may unwind RNA secondary structures to facilitate ribosome entry and thus enhance viral IRES-mediated translation

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