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Table 2 A summary of several aptamers developed for the treatment of viral infections by SELEX method

From: Therapeutic applications of nucleic acid aptamers in microbial infections

OrganismType of aptamerTargetAptamer therapeutic effectRef
HBVDNACore protein-Prevent the assembly of the nucleocapsid
-function by suppressing HBV replication
HCVDNAEnvelope Protein-Inhibition of virus binding to host cells[90]
Influenza A virusDNAHemagglutinin protein-Blocking the binding of
virus to target cell receptors
-prevention of the virus invasion into the host cells
Ebola VirusRNAVP35-Disrupt the eVP35− NP interaction[91]
HIV-1RNAgag protein-Inhibit HIV-1 replication[92]
HSV-1RNAgD protein-Blocking the gD functions[85]
Vaccinia virusDNAHemagglutinin protein-Recognize proteins
expressed on the surface of VV- infected cells
Influenza B VirusRNAHemagglutinin protein-Inhibited HA-mediated membrane fusion[94]
SCVRNAnsP10-Inhibit double-stranded DNA unwinding activity of the helicase[89]
Rabies virusDNABlocking the interaction
between rabies virus and permissive host cell receptors
-Reduced viral replication in an in vitro infection model[84]
  1. VP35 viral protein 35, NP nucleoprotein, nsP10 NTPase/Helicase