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Table 3 A summary of several aptamers developed for the treatment of parasitic infections by SELEX method

From: Therapeutic applications of nucleic acid aptamers in microbial infections

Organism Type of aptamer Target Aptamer therapeutic effect Ref
E. histolytica RNA Polyadenylation factor EhCFIm25 Inhibited parasite proliferation and led to cell death [102]
L. infantum DNA rLiPABP Affecting the physiological role of PABP [101]
P. falciparum RNA EMP1 Disruption and sequestration of parasites Reduced rosette formation [99]
T. cruzi RNA Cell adhesion Inhibit cell invasion [98]
T. brucei RNA VSG proteins Directing antibodies to the surface of the parasite [103]
  1. rLiPABP recombinant 6xHIS-LiPABP protein, EMP1 erythrocyte membrane protein 1, VSG variant surface glycoproteins