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Table 3 A summary of several aptamers developed for the treatment of parasitic infections by SELEX method

From: Therapeutic applications of nucleic acid aptamers in microbial infections

OrganismType of aptamerTargetAptamer therapeutic effectRef
E. histolyticaRNAPolyadenylation factor EhCFIm25Inhibited parasite proliferation and led to cell death[102]
L. infantumDNArLiPABPAffecting the physiological role of PABP[101]
P. falciparumRNAEMP1Disruption and sequestration of parasites Reduced rosette formation[99]
T. cruziRNACell adhesionInhibit cell invasion[98]
T. bruceiRNAVSG proteinsDirecting antibodies to the surface of the parasite[103]
  1. rLiPABP recombinant 6xHIS-LiPABP protein, EMP1 erythrocyte membrane protein 1, VSG variant surface glycoproteins