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Table 4 Semi quantitative analysis of IFA results of infection inhibition assay

From: Prohibitin 1/2 mediates Dengue-3 entry into human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) and microglia (CHME-3) cells

 Total No. of cells aNo. of cells fluorescinga% fluorescent positive cells
DENV3 virus control32512940
Actin Ab (1:100) + DENV334612035
PHB1 Ab (1 μg) + DENV33005217
PHB1 Ab (2 μg) + DENV33483510
PHB2 Ab (1 μg) + DENV33333911
PHB2 Ab (2 μg) + DENV331366
  1. aAverage number of cells calculated from five different fields