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Table 3 LncRNAs contributing to cardiac fibrosis

From: Expedition to the missing link: Long noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases

LncRNA Target Physiological/pathological impact Mechanism involved
WISPER [55]   Promoting cardiac fibrosis Promotes differentiation and proliferation of cardiac fibroblasts by interacting with TIA1-related protein and regulation of lysyl hydroylase 2
MEG3 [56] MMP2 Promoting cardiac fibrosis Required for TGFβ-mediated, P53-dependent MMP-2 transcriptional activity
MALAT1 [57] miR-145 Promoting cardiac fibrosis Promotes fibroblast activity and collagen production by downregulating miR-145, a negative regulator of TGFβ
MIAT1 [48] miR-24 Promoting cardiac fibrosis Increases fibrosis by sponging miR-24