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Table 4 LncRNAs reported to regulate cardiac arrhythmias and electrical remodeling

From: Expedition to the missing link: Long noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases

LncRNA Target Physiological/pathological impact Mechanism involved
TCONS_0007546 [58, 59] miR-328 Reduces atrial fibrillation inducibility Functions as a sponge of miR-328 to derepress CACNA1C expression
MALAT1 [61, 62] miR-200c Reduces Kv4.2 & Kv4.3 expression→ reduced Ito Sponging miR-200c to derepress HMGB1 expression
Kcna2-AS [63] Kcna2 Increases susceptibility to ventricular arrhythmia in failing heart Reducing Kcna2 → reduced IKs → APs prolongation in rat failing heart
CCRR [64] CIP85 Preserving cardiac Cx43 expression, conduction and contractile function Forms complex with CIP85 and prevents CIP85-mediated Cx43 endocytosis and degradation
ZFAS1 [65] SERCA2a Upregulated in ischemic HF, causing impaired contractile function Repress SERCA2a expression and availability, leading to intracellular Ca2+ overload
Sacrolamban (Scl) [69] SERCA Mediating the calcium reuptake in cardiomyocytes of Drosophila
DWORF [70, 71] PLN, SLN, or MLN Enhance cardiac contractility Decrease the time of individual contraction-relaxation cycle