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Table 8 LncRNAs as biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases

From: Expedition to the missing link: Long noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases

LncRNA Clinical Application Physiological/pathological impact Mechanism involved
CoroMarker [132, 133] Diagnosis of CAD Decrease pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion from THP-1 monocytic cells Unknown
LIPCAR [135] Prediction of cardiac remodeling Associated with future development of cardiac remodeling Unknown
GAS5 [136,137,138] ↑ in arterial plaques
↓ in plasma of CAD patients
Modulate macrophages and ECs apoptosis after ox-LDL stimulation Unknown
SENCR [139,140,141] Diagnosis of early onset CAD:
↓ in circulating ECs
↑ in monocytes
Regulation of commitment from pluripotent cells and angiogenic capacity of EC Regulate myocardin gene regulation to stabilize the contractile state of VSMCs
DKFZP434I0714 [144] Prediction of adverse CV events in uremic patients Modulate stress-induced EC apoptosis, endothelial dysfunction, and vascular inflammation Unknown