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Table 1 Categories of fasting and other diet intervention methods

From: Fasting to enhance Cancer treatment in models: the next steps

CategoryDiet interventionDurationRef examples
Short term fasting (STF)0 cal intake24 h to 5 days[8,9,10,11,12]
Dietary restriction (DR)20% ~ 40% reduction of calorie intakeAcute: 2 weeks; Moderate: 3–19 weeks; Long: at least 20 weeks[13, 14]
Intermittent fasting (IF)70% energy restrictionEvery other day[15]
500–700 cal intakeTwo consecutive days per week
Fasting-mimicking diet (FMD)Fasting for two days (Day 1 provided at about 50% of normal daily intake, day 2–4 provided at about 10% of normal daily intake) followed by ten days ad libitum refeedingMonths[16, 17]
Periodic Fasting and Refeeding Cycles (PFRC)1–2 days STF and 5–6 days ad libitum refeedingMonths[18]